A Pain In The….

Day 3 on the road to recovery here. Can’t go to work because I have an open wound that requires daily professional care. Worst part about it is that I can’t train. Oh I can do some light cardio…like walking…but til I heal up a bit, nothing strenuous. No weight lifting, no Jiu Jitsu and no Shotokan. It’s kinda depressing lol.

There is a light at the end of this tunnel though. When I was at the end of my battle with depression, I needed something. Something I had never given myself ever. Time to heal. Time to be myself and just get back to a point in time where things made sense. My mind needed time to recover.

Lately I’ve noted that I’ve just been tired. Pushing myself to my limits. Day shift meant waking up at 3AM, training at the gym, doing a 12 hour shift and then going to karate for an hour or more. I guess that I never really took the time to recover physically, just like I had never given myself a chance to recover mentally.

Hopefully this will only be for a week more or so, until the wound finally heals up and I can get back into kicking things. You know what, though…sometimes you just need to recover. To relax and to refocus yourself. I will heal up, take this week to be healing and meditative. I will come back to martial arts and to work refreshed, with a clear mind, a slightly mended body and with clearer resolution to achieve my personal goals.

Everyone needs a little time to recharge the batteries. If you find yourself physically and/or mentally drained, take some time to embrace a little Zen and a little “you” time. Recover and come back at life like a hurricane!

One more shout out to my parents who came to visit today and to that darling angel of mine who hasn’t left my side since. I couldn’t have done it without you, gorgeous. Thank you! 🙂




One thought on “A Pain In The….

  1. I’m glad that you realized that taking time to recover and just having “you” time is essential to recharging and giving your best to everything. It’s hard to be awesome when you’re run down and tired. Great post! And a great reminder for everyone to take that time 🙂


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