Almost there….

Speaking with the surgical team at the hospital lead to the discovery of my injury being considered……
Not exactly life threatening lol there is a 50% chance that it won’t heal up properly but given the wound’s recovery thus far I am not overly concerned.

This lead me to another discussion that I had with my lovely amazing girlfriend. She developed a condition known as Ulcerative Colitis, a condition which affects her digestive system. She takes medication every day. She has to watch what she eats. And even if she does everything right, she can still suffer a flare up that puts her out of commission for days at a time.

We have discussed medical conditions at great length, including the severity some people experience over others. Compared to other sufferers, she feels blessed that hers is not as serious as it could be. To that end a pain in the ass is a blessing compared to what it could’ve been.

Everyone needs to take a long look at themselves and identify what it is they live with that they find horrendous. Be it something that you find out of place, unattractive or a health problem that is an inconvenience. There are always people that have it worse. We shouldn’t be spiteful for what doesn’t work right. We should be thankful for what does.

What am I thankful for lately? A woman that I love who stands by me. And the fact that I’m being cleared to return to work. And to TRAINING. I feel bad for them heavy bags!!




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