2016.09.22 Shake, Rattle and…

Been a while since I posted anything about BJJ, and since I went today, methinks I’ll share a bit. 

Rolling is friggin’ hard, man. I know enough that you will likely win, but I ain’t giving you anything easily. Highlights today included somehow passing someone’s guard and not dying. That’s not saying a lot lol granted today I was rolling with folks who are vastly more experienced than myself. I am getting better at defending but I really need more mat time and more experience so that I can actually learn how to pull off some offence. Because right now….

Guess which one is me…real Simpsons fans will get that.

Nope. No stories of glory. No chokes performed, no awesome maneuvers…just me getting my ass beat. 


Everytime you start something strange and new, especially something that is complex and not within your normal skill set, it’s always difficult. There is always a learning curve. You can either quit like a little bitch, or you can put your head down, take your beatings, learn something from every beating, grind it out and get better. Perfection is the goal but it sure as hell doesn’t come overnight. You gotta work on it. They say you have to spend 1000+ hours on something before you get any good at it. 

So that’s my plan. Grind it out. Get experience. Take on practitioners who are better than me, more skilled and more experienced than me. Learn something from every class, from every roll. I got tapped. I got choked. How? Why? What can I do to prevent that from happening next time?

Rome was not built in a day. My ground game sucks. But it won’t always. I will learn. I will adapt. I will give blood. I will give tears. I will give sweat. I will give my body. 

But I will. Not. Give. Up. 




September 2016 GradingĀ 

So once again, the students of All Canadian Martial Arts have broken themselves to prove that they have what it takes. To move forward in rank and mark a new milestone in their Karate journeys. 

Very proud to say that Agents Orange have all been evaluated and promoted to Lean Mean Green Machine! 

Left to right: Doug, Ryan, Amir and Chris

Everyone in the class did a fantastic job. Super proud of everyone. On to the next one!



The Most Important Belt in Karate

There is a common argument in Karate and in fact, in all martial arts as to what belt is seen as the most important. Many would claim that obviously the answer is black. Black belt shows mastery in the aspects of the art and show dedication to life long study. A refinement of skills learned through years of practice. I find this to be a very valid point but it is not the most important belt 

Various colours between white and black are also seen as the most important. It is through yellow, orange, green, blue and others that we build a foundation of skills, knowledge and experience in Karate. We start to develop and refine the very basics of the art. Our fighting spirit emerges from deep within us. We mature in the art and learn not only to become Karate-ka, but better people. I find this to also be a very valid point, but none of these are the most important belt. 

“Then Kyu Doug, what belt is most important?” You may ask?

The most important belt in martial arts is white belt. Hands down. 

“Seriously, Kyu Doug? White belt? That takes nothing! You sign up and show up once and you get a white belt. How is that the most important belt?”

Well, consider this. Picture Karate as a house. Black belt is the fine tuning on the house. Making it a home. The furniture, the accents, the paint, the fine things. You can’t get to that point without building the walls, the floor, the ceiling. 

Brown belt, purple, blue, green, orange, yellow…these are the foundation of the house. These are the walls. The electrical, the plumbing, the very foundation. 

However. None of this is possible without purchasing the land. You can’t refine a house you don’t build but you can’t build a house in thin air. You have to have the property to build the foundation. White belt symbolizes this property. You cannot refine or learn skills that you do not choose to learn in the first place. 

You don’t finish the race that you choose not to run. Like everything in life, you must make the conscious decision to start something before you can master it. You can’t change anything in your life without making the decision to change and then doing it. 

If you want to do something, need to do something, want or need to change, nothing is more important than to start. Whatever it is in life, embrace your white belt. Be the change you want to see and make something happen.  

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Laozi



Top 5 List: Sept 3, 2016

Yep. Adding another category of stuff to write about. Because reasons. 

You know what really grinds my gears? People. But not just any people. (ok most people lol). People who have zero clue about anything to do with martial arts either a) talking smack or b) saying some straight up dumb shit. I heard one the other day that I hadn’t heard since high school. It conveniently made the list. So today’s list:

Top 5 Things People With Zero Clue About Martial Arts Say

5. Bruh. You better you know, like watch it. I’m a total fuckin’ ninja!!

Well then! That there is an accomplishment. Becoming a true ninja takes a lot of studying and hard work. Sadly, being a “ninja”, also known as studying the ancient art of Ninjitsu, doesn’t exactly scare me. At all. While there are fighting components to Ninjitsu, most involve weapons you will rarely find in the streets. Second to that, the art consists primarily of evading, espionage and invisibility. So you’re really good at running and hiding. 

4. I totally have a black belt. 

First off, you likely don’t. Secondly I also have a black belt. It prevents my pants from falling off my ass. There is a significant difference between having a black belt and being a black belt. Being a black belt means putting in hours and hours of dedication over the span of many years. Becoming the best you can be. Being humble. And knowing that it’s just the beginning of the real journey. Having a black belt means you have $10 and a ride to a martial arts store. 

On top of that, I would really like if people would start referring to their Japanese ranks. Sure you could say “I’m a third degree black belt in Shotokan” but it just doesn’t have that same effect as if you say “I’m a Sandan in Shotokan.” Easier to take in and just sounds so much more prestigious. 

3. I train TapouT
So you…train to be a tee shirt. Shut the fuck up. TapouT is a clothing line. Just because you wear one like Rashad Evans doesn’t mean you can fight like Rashad Evans. 

I think the term you’re looking for is mixed martial arts. Even then. People think MMA is one fighting style that they can learn. The term mixed martial arts means you study two or more martial arts and then mix them together. Mixed. Martial arts. Get it? I study Shotokan Karate and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. I’m learning to combine the two….mix the martial arts…in competition and real life applications. For all intents and purposes I could refer to myself as a mixed martial artist. I don’t, but I could. So wrap your name brand baseball hat around that. Idiot. 

2. I’ve been training for like, a solid 3 months. I could totally kick ______’s ass.

I really…really bet you couldn’t. If blank is one of your TapouT buddies who’s also been training 3 months…maybe. But it won’t look pretty. Pretty ain’t the aim, but when you’re trying to look like Georges St Pierre and you look like Georges Derriere…. Unless you can properly execute the moves, not only will you look dumb but you will be totally ineffective and likely get your ass kicked. 

A martial artist does all he or she can to avoid fighting but when he or she must, they simply do it. They don’t talk about it. 

And coming in at number one….

1. My hands and feet are registered with the police as lethal weapons.

You, sir or madam, are not only fraud, but a liar and likely a terrible martial artist. There is no legislation in this country or our neighbours that requires a black belt to “register their hands and feet.” None. At all. If anyone tells you that, they are so full of shit their toenails are turning brown.  

It is true that should you get into a confrontation with someone, your training can be brought into evidence in court. He pushed you and called your hair stupid. Was the jumping snap kick to the jaw really necessary? Come on now. Your training, your ability to utilize certain movements and your ability to tactically evaluate the situation definitely play a role in determining of your use of force was justified. 

That being said, there is no police registry of every black belt’s hands and feet. If they tried, they wouldn’t get very far. It’s a myth, one that typically makes martial artists and their instructors look like fools. If you’re spreading these ridiculous claims, let me see a copy of your registration forms. Lets see your FPS file. Back up your claims. If it were true, you wouldn’t be able to walk in public without specialised shoes and gloves and a big sign announcing to the world what you are. Otherwise you would be guilty of concealing a weapon. See how dumb this idea is? Do you feel like a badass now? You sound lame as hell.

That’s about it. Stop saying these. I am positive that there is a roughly 6004% higher chance of me choking you the hell out if you do say them. 

Gaaaaahhhhh…..end rant lol