2016.09.22 Shake, Rattle and…

Been a while since I posted anything about BJJ, and since I went today, methinks I’ll share a bit. 

Rolling is friggin’ hard, man. I know enough that you will likely win, but I ain’t giving you anything easily. Highlights today included somehow passing someone’s guard and not dying. That’s not saying a lot lol granted today I was rolling with folks who are vastly more experienced than myself. I am getting better at defending but I really need more mat time and more experience so that I can actually learn how to pull off some offence. Because right now….

Guess which one is me…real Simpsons fans will get that.

Nope. No stories of glory. No chokes performed, no awesome maneuvers…just me getting my ass beat. 


Everytime you start something strange and new, especially something that is complex and not within your normal skill set, it’s always difficult. There is always a learning curve. You can either quit like a little bitch, or you can put your head down, take your beatings, learn something from every beating, grind it out and get better. Perfection is the goal but it sure as hell doesn’t come overnight. You gotta work on it. They say you have to spend 1000+ hours on something before you get any good at it. 

So that’s my plan. Grind it out. Get experience. Take on practitioners who are better than me, more skilled and more experienced than me. Learn something from every class, from every roll. I got tapped. I got choked. How? Why? What can I do to prevent that from happening next time?

Rome was not built in a day. My ground game sucks. But it won’t always. I will learn. I will adapt. I will give blood. I will give tears. I will give sweat. I will give my body. 

But I will. Not. Give. Up. 




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