2016.10.16 Quote of the Day

Another lil tidbit I figured I would share. Sometimes random quotes come into my head that really don’t fit with any other blog post. So I figured I would post a QotD section so I can at least share what’s going on in my head.

“A Kyu knows when to fight. A Dan knows when the fight is over. A Master knows to respect the difference.”

– Doug

Training through the Kyu grades, you learn the basics and the advanced techniques. You learn how to fight and when to apply those techniques. When you get to the Dan level, you learn to control not only the fight but your own emotions. Never go to the excess. Defend yourself but do not use your knowledge with impure intent. To master Karate is to master the fight and that means knowing when it is best to walk away. Not only for your safety but for the safety of others. Reminds me of another quote: “I will not start a fight but I will sure as hell end one!”




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