October 21, 2016 – The Weigh In

So. As we know, I’m overweight. Back in May I spoke with one of the trainers at the gym, was looking to get some tips or at least a weigh in with their fancy body fat reading scale. It…wasn’t pretty lol I weighed in at 253lbs at 35% body fat. That second number is what hit me hard.

Speaking with the trainer last week he says come in for a weigh in. I can’t afford the $10,000 a year for PT sessions. No can do. But he is willing to sit down with me once a month, do a weigh in and help me track my progress. Sweet. So today I go in, step on the fancy scale…

244lbs. 30% body fat.

I’ve dropped 9lbs of fat, gained 3lbs of muscle and my body fat is down 5%. That is actually rather damn impressive (considering how lax I was with my diet at times lol)

So now, for the next weigh in for November, it’s time to work my ass off, increase the cardio, dial in the diet and stick to it. Healthy choices all the way. My goal is to push myself to 15% or less by July 1, 2017. I hope. Or at least be within shooting distance of it. But that is the goal. Time to make it happen!

207lbs or bust. I will hopefully be able to make weight and compete in the BJJ Heavyweight class next year. Rather than the Ultra Heavyweight I’m at now.

Let’s get er done!!!




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