Top 5 List: October 28, 2016

Here we go with another Top 5!

Today’s rambling is in relation to trying to be more positive about things and looking at the world in a brighter light. It’s stuff I’m legit trying to believe myself so…bare with me lol

Top 5 Four Letter Words You Should Never Say In Martial Arts (Or In Life, Really)

5. Suck

We have all had those moments. Man I suck at this. I suck at Jiu Jitsu. I suck at this pattern. I suck at drawing. I suck at public speaking. I suck at talking about my feelings. Whatever the case may be. Most of the time the things people say they suck at are things that they tried maybe once, maybe twice and figured Hey. I’m no pro at this. I just suck.

You don’t suck. You’ve practiced what…3 hours? How can you suck at something when you haven’t put in the time to get good at it? For the past few months I figured my BJJ game sucked. I can’t grasp things. I can sometimes defend myself but have no offence. I put in some serious mat hours this week and can already see an improvement. You need to actually give something a fair shot before saying you suck at it. If you practice something religiously for 10 years and aren’t good…well….but til that point, you don’t suck. You just haven’t worked hard enough yet.

4. Can’t 

A lot of people shy away from trying new things. That goal is too far away. The skill is too difficult. Why bother trying? I clearly can’t do it.

Stop doubting your damn self. How do you know you can’t do something if you’ve never tried? Just like suck, don’t say you can’t do something when you haven’t put in the time. Try it. You may just surprise yourself.

3. Lose

A wise person once said “I never lose. I win, and I learn.” There is always something to learn in every attempt. If you win, hey good on ya. If you lose, why did you lose? What did you do or not do that you could’ve done or not done better? Improve yourself and don’t let the bad times hold you down. Every experience, be it good or bad, teaches us a little more about ourselves.

2. Fail

Fail is a rather permanent word. To fail in something is to screw up so damn bad that there is just no recovery from it. Now I ain’t gonna lie. Sometimes that happens. I have failed in plenty of things. The difference is the way you look at it. You may have failed in the short term, but if you learn from your mistakes and try try again? In the long run you may just surprise yourself!

1. Quit

This is the ultimate no no in martial arts and in life, really. You can do whatever you want. You can drop the other 4 words all you like but THIS one….you better bloody well not. Quitting is not an option. Quitting is not an end result. I can suck at something, think I can’t do it, think I’ve lost without learning and may even think I’ve failed, but I will not quit. The age old adage goes like this: Quitters never win and Winners never quit. No matter how hard something is, no matter how much pain you’re in, how bleak the situation, I would rather lose than quit. You’re already in pain. Get something out of it. Be it a win or a lesson, you will always gain something. If you quit, that’s it. There’s no going back. All of your efforts have been in vain. Don’t quit. Push through the pain. Push through the hard times. Push through to the other side. The night is darkest right before dawn.

And thats that! Tune in next time for some more inspiration crap from yours truly. Maintain that positive attitude and practice practice practice!!




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