Oishi!! November 1, 2016

I like spice.
No, I should change that.

I love spice.

So I decided to add a little of the random spices I have in my kitchen to my chicken tonight. Below is what I threw in.

Doug’s Sorta KAPOW!! Chicken

1 chicken breast
Montreal seasoning
Cayenne pepper

Warm up your heating source. I like to use the single greatest invention of our time.

The George Foreman Grill, suckas!!!

Next, go ahead and add your spices.


Since I am not Gordon Ramsey, it looks a little like this:

It is more important to judge by the inside, afterall!

Cook up some veggies, put er elegantly on a plate:

Not a big helping as I ain’t all that hungry. Also pictured is a glass of Phytoberry multivitamin and a ridiculously good book, The Last Colony by John Scalzi. I highly recommend the series, called Old Man’s War. 

And then eat!

So y’all got a two for one today. Spicy chicken and a book recommendation. Oh lucky you 😉




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