2016.11.07 Quote of the Day

Coming at ya with a little more homegrown knowledge and wisdom!

“Karate is like a plant. If you ignore it, it does not grow. If you give it an excess of water once a week, it will not grow. Love and Karate, you must water every day. You must give it the little things. The big things are important but without daily care, it will not grow. It will die.”

– Doug

I liken Karate to love. The big things every once in a while are nice, but it requires daily attention. It is through the little things that they both flourish.

I tell Cait I love her every day. I try to go out of my way to show her how much I care each day. And it doesn’t take a whole lot. Ask her how her day was. Tell a joke. Make her smile. Remind her that she is beautiful, and awesome, and thought of, and loved. She does the same to me. It doesn’t mean something over the top extravagant. That’s not what is important. What’s important is the cuddling. Holding her hand. Looking into her eyes, the window of the soul, and showing her just how much better she makes my life.

The same approach I take with Karate. My kicks improve because I practice them every day. The kata become second nature because I practice them every day. My Bo staff skills improve because I practice them every day. My conditioning improves because I work out and train every day. It is not enough to go to the dojo once or twice a week.

Karate, as is with love, is a lifelong commitment to the little things. To not giving up and to working on it every single day of your life.

Now get the hell out there and train. And tell someone that you love them!




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