2016.12.13 Quote of the Day

Jeeze. Haven’t posted here in a while. A quick update.

Work is insane, as is par for the course. I’m getting ready to move in a few weeks. That’s always fun. Yay new furniture!! This weekend Cait and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary. Somehow this angel of a woman found a way to stay with me for a year. Bless her heart lol she made me a scrap book of our first year, a present she’s been working on for months. Easily the single most meaningful, most beautiful gift I have ever received. I don’t know which Emperor’s child I saved in a previous life to have the gods send me this amazing woman, but I’m sure glad for it.

Quote! Of! The Friggin’ Day!!

It is not by me, or some famous dead person.  No, today’s QOTD was spoken directly to me and surprisingly about me. Tonight was the final night before grading. Sweet. A chance to give er my all, maybe earn a couple stripes and kick ass in grading!! Yeah. That was a short lived dream lol after class I asked Shihan how I could improve myself. Not only for the purpose of grading but just in general. I am always striving to be a better Karateka. Turns out that belt is more than a symbol of skill and accomplishment, but also of time invested in training the art. I am missing some time, which I blame on surgery, illness and an awkward work schedule. She also reaffirmed what I already believed. Just keep training and showing up and giving it my all.

Then she said something that I never expected to hear. Something that made my soul smile.

“You inspire everyone here to train harder. You inspire me to teach.”

And that there….far surpasses any belt. Any grading. Any stripe. Any possible accomplishment. Not even a black belt would mean as much as that.

A Karateka is a warrior, but is also a peace maker. To me, at its very core, the purpose of Karate, the reason we train, is not to learn to fight. Not to get a fancy belt or award. The greatest reward one can have is changing yourself and changing the world for the better. It is a goal we all should have.

If you have the chance to make someone’s life better, you need to take it. You need to reach out and help someone. The measure of a master is not by their grade, nor their accomplishments, but in the successes of their students and those around them!

Til next time, train hard, sweat hard and remember…we all have the same ending in life. The journey is what makes us special.




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