That improvement though…

I’ve been neglecting this a bit. Plenty of things to write about. Since each one is important I will give a little time and a post for each.

On February 6, something happened that I did not expect in the slightest. BJJ class, doing rather well with drills, did some rolling and it was going well! Then all of a sudden I hear Kyoshi’s voice:


I glance at him but figure it’s just him saying hello or good job or keep it up. I bow and keep on rolling. I hear him again:


Still a little confused. I bow again. Because I’m swift like that.

“Dougie! I appreciate the bowing but get over here!!”

Which shows how surprised I was. Didn’t even figure he wanted to see me. So I go over and bow down. I’m there before Kyoshi, Fariba and Isaac. Kyoshi pulls a piece of tape off of his kimono and grabs my belt. He tapes it up with my first stripe. A surge of pride swept over me. I may just finally be getting it. A stripe. In Jiu Jitsu. Wow. It’s finally starting to click.

The Brazilian Jiu-jitsu obi with its first stripe

I can’t lie. I’m pretty stoked. I’ve been hitting the mats a lot more often lately and even I can tell I’m starting to roll with a bit more proficiency.

Really starting to love this art!




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