Oishi!! March 7, 2017

Well folks, I haven’t added anything fancy to the repertoire of culinary arts lately…

Until yesterday.

Apparently I can follow simple directions, which was great. Cait and I made this great chicken pasta recipe, which you can find here and let me tell ya. I was quite impressed with it.

Couple things to point out:
Basic culinary skills are required. I had the recipe open. It called for minced garlic. I then had to open another tab to learn how to mince garlic. Told ya, I’m a plain chicken and veggies kinda guy lol

When it says 20 minutes, and you’re no Chef Ramsey, it takes a little longer. I started the recipe at 4:30. We ate around 6 lol

Either way, Cait being Cait Instagrammed the experience. Since I don’t have said program (yet at least) I’ll include some pictures here, of the process and of the finished product:

So, I’m just gonna say, not only does that look, smell and taste amazing, but check out that joocy arm. Dayum, mang! That’s some serious gym time!!!

All in all, Cait and I had a whole lot of fun making this, it was super tasty AND, super healthy. With all home prepped ingredients, it was also rather rewarding to see it all come together.

Remember my friends, your body is your Dodge Charger that drives you through life. Fill the tank with PREMIUM!!!

And couples that cook together, stay together. Hint: the secret ingredients are a cup of laughter, a pinch of silliness and a huge helping of love. 🙂

Til next time, don’t stay hungry my friends. Get yourself in the kitchen! Learn a thing or two! Spend some time with loved ones and mmmmm…..eat some damn good food!


Or, as Cait now affectionately refers to me as….

Chef Doug


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