11 Year Old Karate Student Needs Your Help!!


I wish I could sum up things like my Sensei, Kyoshi Vito, but I can’t. And thus, I will post something here and copy his words. If you can help this poor girl in any way, please I urge you. Go to Tim Horton’s this week instead of Starbucks and help give a kid a chance at a regular childhood!!

Check out the GoFundMe page, located at https://www.gofundme.com/nupur-medical-fund

Nupur Mate is a beautiful and happy 11 year old girl.  Like any other girl her age, Nupur enjoys socializing with friends, loves taking karate and swimming lessons and spending time with her parents.  About 3 weeks ago, life for Nupur and her parents changed drastically.

It started out as a cough, sore throat and fever which became severe enough to rush Nupur to a hospital.  She returned home that night only to be rushed back to the hospital the next day because she had no feeling in her arms and legs.  In emergency, she flat lined (her heart stopped).  Nupur had many doctors and nurses working on her, performing CPR in front of her devastated parents.  Doctors were finally able to revive her and the hospital immediately transferred Nupur to Sick Kids.

The diagnosis from Sick Kids was a mutated form of Strep A bacteria that had attacked Nupur’s body.  Nupur was put on life support, and had kidney failure (which now requires regular dialysis). Her prognosis was dim.  The doctors told her parents that she may not live through the night.  Nupur remained on life support for another 8 days.

Nupur’s blood pressure was dangerously low and the bacteria was attacking her limbs.  Her parents were told to prepare for the worst.  With a miracle, she may survive but doctors felt they may need to amputate portions of her limbs in order to stop the bacteria from causing any further damage.

Unfortunately, on Friday, March 10, 2017, a portion of Nupur’s left arm and right leg had to be amputated.  Nupur is still at Sick Kids but her condition has stabilized.  She will be at Sick Kids for at least 6 months and will require prosthetics and extensive rehabilitation.  She has a very long and hard road ahead of her.

Nupur trains at All Canadian Martial Arts (ACMA) and was working on her advanced brown belt before her life changed dramatically.  At ACMA, every single member is considered family.  Currently, the only family Nupur and her parents have in Canada are the instructors and students of ACMA.   ACMA has raised some funds in order for Nupur’s mother to leave her place of work so that she can be with her only child.

However, the funds raised are not sufficient to provide for the extensive care related expenses the family will incur.  The coverage by the province is limited for prosthetics , and their home will need renovations (bathroom modifications, and railing installations) to accommodate a child with new prosthetics.

Nupur is one tough little girl and she is still fighting the biggest fight of her life.  Nupur has chosen to stay positive saying that she is happy to be alive and to have a second chance at life.  She understands that she has a long and challenging road ahead of her but is determined to return to normal life, including school, karate, and swimming.

The family needs your support and help to provide some relief from the financial burden so that they can focus on Nupur’s recovery.  If you would like to make a contribution to help the Mate family in their time of need, they would be extremely grateful. No amount is too small to make a difference.

Thank you, on behalf Sunita, Nikhil and Nupur Mate!

Nupur, we love you!

Help spread the word!
2nd Kyu Shotokan Karateka Nupur Mate
I believe in the power of the internet to accomplish something positive. Come on, folks! If you can’t give anything monetarily, at least keep this bright, shining face in your thoughts and prayers.




One thought on “11 Year Old Karate Student Needs Your Help!!

  1. Nupur,we love and miss you lots,your good friend Ayva,Blake ,and second mom Mrs.Geier.We’ll be back to visit you again soon.Hugs and kisses.


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