Star Struck: Meeting a BJJ Legend!

Yes I know. I said I would write more.

Yes I know. You keep coming back expecting more entries.

No I haven’t had time. I’ve been too busy being awesome.

So the other night, I came back from a cadet training weekend and I was exhausted. Supervising a couple hundred kids and their officers can get tiring! Either way, I got back into the hometown, met up with the wifey for some dinner, because apparently humans need to eat or something….sounds like devil magic to me…lol anywho, got home around 10:30ish, got into bed and was out before 11. Highly unusual for me, but when the body says sleep, you listen.

I wake up around 7 or 8 (and yelled to the cabbie “Yo homes! Smell ya later!”) and started getting ready to take Cait to the airport. Then I get a message from my dear Professor, Fariba.

“Good morning darling !!! I’m sorry I didn’t let you know this earlier !! The seminar on Thursday got cancelled because of flight
Cancellations in NY !! He didn’t make it here till after mid night !
Anyways its rescheduled for today at 2:30 pm !!
If you can come we would love to see you !’
If you can convince your buddy Ryan to come !! 😊
Michael and Brian and Taylor will be there too !’ I would love to see my fundamental student brothers and sisters participating and learning from this legend !!”

I took a look at my day’s calendar. It’s 8:00. Loaf around the apartment til like, 11:00. Hit the gym, clear by 1:00. Pick up wifey at 1:30. Drop off at airport around 2. Which leaves….definite time to attend! Quickly grabbed a bite and downed a coffee, hurried over to the dojo and there he was.

Professor Carlos Machado.

It’s not every day that the average BJJ student gets to meet the guy whose name is on their gi. It was a fabulous seminar. Professor Machado is not only friendly and hilarious, but a very talented BJJ teacher and very wise master. I was truly honoured to be in his presence and learn a thing or two from him.

18121706_10155256197927959_7143956668764789585_oMe on the left (obviously…….) and Professor Carlos Machado.

I can’t wait til Tuesday! All you fundamental brothers and sisters who didn’t bother to come….you gon’ get smashed.

Ryan…..I’m looking at you, brah. 😉