Excellent. Now That I have your attention….

Speaking with a good buddy and fellow martial artist Ryan, he mentioned that we should try out a tournament for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Not a bad idea, right? Right? I wanted to train extra hard, get a couple more stripes on my white belt, drop like, 40 more pounds and THEN go to competition. Like, next year at the earliest. But you know what?

Fuck it.
Let’s do it now.

As such….Ryan and I (and a bunch of other folks from ACMA) are planning on hitting up the Grappling Industries Toronto Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Tournament!


Damn! Even their posters like friggin’ high intensity!!

Looks like I will likely be competing in the Men’s Masters Ultra Super Heavyweight Class. Unless I can drop the 40lbs between now and then.

I don’t expect to win. Hell, I don’t even expect to do well. I do expect to go in there, give it my best shot, learn a few things and get some great experience out of it. It’s also motivating me to train a lot hard in my BJJ and my athletic conditioning ahead of time for the big day. A LOT more mat time is about to come my way.





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