A Grand Series of “AHA!” Moments

Since deciding to enter competition, I have been attending BJJ classes almost religiously. I figure, if I’m not going to win, I’m at least going to learn enough to give folks a run for their money! I’ve been going to our Fundamentals class as well as our regular rolling class a lot more often than before (next to never). I have learned a great deal in the last little while, my defence game has gotten much better and I’m actually attempting attacks now!

Tonight, we had some great drills, which I was nailing if I do say so myself (and I do lol) and managed to survive against pretty much every opponent I rolled with. I even….dare I say…….(dare! dare!) choked out a blue belt. He may have let me, I’m not gonna lie lol but it felt awesome to be able to launch an attack and it be successful.

Speaking of successful. A whole bunch of us were called up tonight to receive stripes on our belts. Including…..well…..

18893458_10155409802537959_5046269601091960709_nThis guy!

Half way to blue belt! Making it up there!

Big shout out to everyone who got striped up tonight, especially Ryan who finally got his first stripe! You should’ve got it a long time ago, bro. So proud of you!