About the Author

Hey there! Konnichiwa!

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Doug. I’m a karate-ka under Kyoshi Vito Brancaccio of All Canadian Martial Arts in Mississauga, Ontario. I’ve been studying martial arts my whole life, mostly informally. When I was a kid, I studied Tae kwon do under Master Michael Dae in Toronto. Sadly I didn’t have the money to continue so I put aside formal training for many years.

In my professional life I work as a law enforcement officer. A number of factors caused me to lose my way. I was depressed and felt lost, isolated and unable to concentrate or express myself. I tried meditation which opened my mind back to the world of martial arts. I wanted to try something other than  TKD, so I chose Shotokan Karate-do. It literally turned my life around, brought me out of depression, gave my life something else to concentrate on and make myself a better person. I started training in Shotokan in January of 2016.

After a few months, I was given the option to continue to expand my martial arts knowledge base. I began studying the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in June of 2016. I am taught by a number of fantastic instructors at ACMA, following in the lineage of Master Professor Jean Jacques Machado.

Progress thus far:

Shotokan 10th Kyu: January 2016
Shotokan 9th Kyu: March 3, 2016
Shotokan 8th Kyu: June 9, 2016
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu White Belt: June 16, 2016
Shotokan 7th Kyu: September 15, 2016
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu White Belt (First Stripe): February 6, 2017
Shotokan 6th Kyu: March 9, 2017
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu White Belt (Second Stripe): June 7, 2017
Shotokan 5th Kyu: September 28, 2017
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu White Belt (Third Stripe): November 22, 2017